John Rolfe (actor)

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John Rolfe

John Rolfe is a British actor. He was named after the colonist who married Pocahontas in Jamestown, Virginia.

His television credits include: Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, Adam Adamant Lives!, The First Lady, Softly, Softly, Doctor Who (in the serials The War Machines, The Moonbase and The Green Death), Paul Temple, The Troubleshooters, Out of the Unknown, The Regiment, Spy Trap, Warship, Oil Strike North, Survivors, Blake's 7, Minder, Secret Army, The Enigma Files, Yes Minister, One by One, Howards' Way and The House of Eliott. He did the first, moustached and spectacled postman in "Mr. Bean Rides Again" (he played the postman seen before Mr. Bean got locked in the letterbox after he stole a lady's stamp for his own letter). He also played Graham in the 1980 film McVicar, starring Roger Daltrey.

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