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John Romkey
Known forPC/IP, Netwatch

John Romkey and Donald W. Gillies[1] developed the first in the industry TCP/IP stack for IBM PC[2][3][4][5] in 1983, founding FTP Software, a commercial TCP/IP stack provider in 1986. Romkey authored the first network analyzer Netwatch, predating Network General Sniffer, served on IAB, and with Simon Hackett connected the first appliance (a toaster) to the internet. Romkey is currently an owner of Blue Forest Research, a consulting company.

While at MIT John Romkey authored the first TCP/IP stack for MS-DOS. He was the founder of FTP Software company which provided commercial package for MS-DOS and MS Windows. With the advent of Microsoft TCP/IP stacks starting with Windows 95, FTP Software as well as all other commercial TCP/IP stacks providers were driven out of business.



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