John Romkey

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John Romkey
Born United States
Known for PC/IP, Netwatch

John Romkey and Donald W. Gillies[1] developed the first in the industry TCP/IP stack for IBM PC[2][3][4][5] in 1983. Romkey founded FTP Software, a commercial TCP/IP stack provider in 1986. Romkey also authored the first network analyzer Netwatch, predating Network General Sniffer. He also served on IAB. Romkey is currently an owner of Blue Forest Research, a consulting company.

While at MIT John Romkey authored the first TCP/IP stack for MS-DOS. He was the founder of FTP Software company which provided commercial package for MS-DOS and MS Windows. With the advent of Microsoft TCP/IP stacks starting with Windows 95, FTP Software as well as all other commercial TCP/IP stacks providers were driven out of business.



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