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John Rosenberg is an Australian higher education consultant, professional Board Director, Australian academic, information technology (IT) professional and the former Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Global Relations) at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.


Rosenberg completed his Bachelor of Science with Honours at Monash University in 1975, and earned his Doctor of Philosophy in computer science in 1979, also at Monash. His PhD thesis was entitled "The Concept of a Hardware Kernel and its Implementation on a Minicomputer".[1]


Upon receiving his PhD in 1979, Rosenberg worked as a lecturer in computer science and then as a senior consultant in the IT industry. He became a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Monash University before moving to the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1986.[1]

In 1989 he was awarded the position of S.E.R.C. Senior Visiting Research Fellow with the University of St Andrews in Scotland, after which he became an Associate Professor and Head of the Discipline of Computer Science at University of Newcastle in 1990. In 1991 he moved to the University of Sydney as Professor of Computer Science and became head of its Basser Department of Computer Science three years later in 1994. He returned to Melbourne in 1997 to take up the position of Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, once again at Monash University.

He moved to Deakin University as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) in 2003, before coming to La Trobe University in 2009. He commenced as Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (International and Development) at La Trobe in 2009 and in 2011 became Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, responsible for the university's internationalisation agenda.[2][3] Rosenberg retired from his formal role at La Trobe University and was appointed an Emeritus Professor of La Trobe University in recognition of his contributions to the University and higher education. He now undertakes consulting in higher education and holds a number of roles as a non-executive director.


Rosenberg’s research interests include integrated Java developments for teaching. Since 1995, his research in this area has involved developing and maintaining the integrated development environments Blue, BlueJ and Greenfoot. He also has a strong interest in the use of technology in education.[1]


Rosenberg is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Computer Society, and an Emeritus Professor of La Trobe University.[3]


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Personal life[edit]

Rosenberg founded Melbourne’s first Masorti (Conservative) Jewish congregation, Kehilat Nitzan, in 1999.[5] In 2011, the Australian Jewish Network listed Professor Rosenberg in the top 50 most influential Australian Jews.[6]

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