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John Russell Fearn c. 1948

John Russell Fearn (1908–1960) was a British author and one of the first British writers to appear in American pulp science fiction magazines. Prolific author, he published his novels also as Vargo Statten and with various pseudonyms such as Thornton Ayre, Polton Cross, Geoffrey Armstrong, John Cotton, Dennis Clive, Ephriam Winiki, Astron Del Martia and others.


Fearn was a prolific writer who wrote Westerns and crime fiction as well as science fiction. His writing appeared under numerous pseudonyms. He wrote series like Adam Quirke, Clayton Drew, Golden Amazon, and Herbert. At times these drew on the pulp traditions of Edgar Rice Burroughs. His work received praise for its vividness, but criticism, being deemed "unpolished".


The first installment of Fearn's novel Liners of Time took the cover of the May 1935 issue of Amazing Stories, illustrated by Leo Morey
Fearn's novel Secret of the Buried City was the cover story of the May 1939 issue of Amazing Stories, illustrated by Robert Fuqua
"Vargo Statten"'s novella "Survivor of Mars" was originally published in Two Complete Science-Adventure Books in 1953

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Golden Amazon[edit]

  1. The Golden Amazon (1944)
  2. The Golden Amazon Returns (1945; 1949 variant title The Deathless Amazon 1953 Canada)
  3. The Golden Amazon's Triumph (1946; 1953)
  4. The Amazon's Diamond Quest (1947 as "Diamond Quest"; 1953)
  5. Twin of the Amazon (1948; 1954)
  6. The Amazon Strikes Again (1948; 1954)
  7. Conquest of the Amazon (1949; 1973 chap)
  8. Lord of Atlantis (1949; 1991)
  9. Triangle of Power (1950)
  10. Amethyst City (1951)
  11. Daughter of Golden Amazon
  12. Quorne Returns
  13. The Central Intelligence (1953)
  14. The Cosmic Crusaders (1955)
  15. Parasite Planet (1955)
  16. World Out of Step (1956)
  17. The Shadow People (1957)
  18. Kingpin Planet (1957)
  19. World in Reverse (1958)
  20. Dwellers in Darkness (1958)
  21. World in Duplicate (1959)
  22. Lord of Creation
  23. Duel with Colossus
  24. Standstill Planet
  25. Ghost World
  26. Earth Divided
  27. Chameleon Planet (with Philip Harbottle)

Mars Quartet (Clayton Drew)[edit]

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