John S. Conway (artist)

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John S. Conway
John Severinus Conway, by Robert William Vonnoh.jpg
John Severinus Conway (Robert Vonnoh, 1883)
Born 1852 (1852)
Died 1925 (1926) (aged 73)
Occupation American artist

John S. Conway, an artist and sculptor, was born February 21, 1852 in Dayton, Ohio. His middle name is listed differently in different sources as Severinus, Severine and Severino. He received his artistic training at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Ecole Julien, and at the École des Beaux-Arts. Conway also lived in Milwaukee, Italy, and New Jersey. While Conway was in Paris, Robert William Vonnoh, a fellow art student, painted his portrait.[1]

While in Italy Conway married Agata Meloni. They had four children: George (1885–1967), Etheldreda (1887–1900), Mario (1889–1962), and Robert (1899–1972).[2]

Conway most famous work is the Milwaukee Soldiers Monument. The bronze sculpture titled The Victorious Charge was completed in Rome and shipped to Milwaukee. It stands in the median island on Wisconsin Ave between 8th and 10th Sts.[3][4]

Conway returned to the United States in 1902. In 1904, he completed “Oklahoma,” another large sculpture, for the St. Louis Exposition.[5] Some of his other works appear in museums,[6] archives and special collections,[7] or occasionally come up for auction.[8] Conway died December 25, 1925, at the age of 73 in his home in Tenafly, New Jersey.[9]


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