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John Scott Medal

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John Scott Award
Presented byThe Franklin Institute and the City Council of Philadelphia
First awarded1816

John Scott Award, created in 1816 as the John Scott Legacy Medal and Premium, is presented to men and women whose inventions improved the "comfort, welfare, and happiness of human kind" in a significant way.[1] Since 1919 the Board of Directors of City Trusts of Philadelphia[2] provide this award, recommended by an advisory committee.[3][4]

In 1822 the first awards were given to thirteen people by the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture[5] entrusted by the "Corporation of the city of Philadelphia".[6]

The druggist John Scott of Edinburgh organized a $4,000 fund which, after his death in 1815 was administered by a merchant until the first award, a copper medal and "an amount not to exceed twenty dollars", was given in 1822. (At the time, $20 could buy one ox or a 12-volume encyclopedia.) Several hundred recipients have since been selected by the City Council of Philadelphia, which decides from the annual list of nominees made by the Franklin Institute.

Notable recipients


Most awards have been given for inventions in science and medicine. Notable recipients include:

Recent winners

Year Winner Area of Innovation
2023[8] Michael E. Mann scientific understanding of historic climate change
Robert H. Socolow pioneering new concepts and creating new fields in energy and the environment
2022 [citation needed] Gary Beauchamp translational research on taste, smell, and flavor
Nancy Bonini use of Drosophila to gain insight into degenerative diseases of the brain
Barry Arkles Silicon-based science for medical devices and polymeric materials
2021 [citation needed] Katalin Kariko stable mRNA enabling gene-induced immune response
Drew Weissman mRNA approach to enable-induced response within the human body
2020 [citation needed] Jean Bennett Gene therapies for curing retinal degeneration
William DeGrado development of antimicrobial peptides
Michael Klein algorithms for computational simulation of biological systems
2019 Emily A. Carter reverse combustion
Charles L. Kane topological insulators
Eugene Mele topological insulators
2018 James West foil electret microphone
Bjarne Stroustrup c++ computer programming language
2017 Ruzena Bajcsy robotics and engineering science
Warren Ewens population genetics research
Masatoshi Nei evolutionary theory
2016 Emmanuelle Charpentier CRISPR-Cas genome editing
Jennifer Doudna
Feng Zhang
Carl H. June cancer immunology
2015 Madeleine M. Joullié synthetic chemistry
John P. Perdew density functional theory
2014 Susan Band Horwitz cancer therapeutics
Leonard Hayflick discovery of cellular senescence
and innovations in microscopy
Paul S. Moorhead
2013[9] P. Leslie Dutton redox reactions in biochemistry
N. Scott Adzick fetal surgery
Robert L. Brent environmental causes of birth defects
2012 Paul J. Steinhardt quasicrystals
John Q. Trojanowski neurodegenerative diseases
Virginia Man-Yee Lee
2011 David E. Kuhl PET scans
Jenny Pickworth Glusker crystallography
2010 Christian J. Lambertsen underwater diving equipment
William A. Eaton protein aggregation and folding

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