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The John Shea Insurance Canada Cup Qualifier was an annual curling bonspiel held at the Ottawa and Rideau Curling Clubs in Ottawa, Canada. In odd years, the event was a qualifier for the men's Canada Cup of Curling while in even years the event is the women's qualifier. It was held annually in December, and was part of the World Curling Tour.

The rotating format begun in 2006, when Ottawa hosted the JSI Women's Canada Cup Qualifier. The other qualifier was held annually at the Saville Centre in Edmonton, Alberta and was known as the Diversified Transportation Canada Cup Qualifier. In 2004, Ottawa hosted the Canada Cup East Qualifier for both sexes (the 2005 event was canceled). Prior to this, the event had nothing to do with the Canada Cup, and was known as the Cowan Wright Beauchamp - The Championships (2001-2003) and the Welton Beauchamp Curling Classic (until 2000). The event has been running since at least 1989. There was also a women's event.

The purses for the event have often been quite high, and was at $100,000 at one point. The 2008 event gave away $65,200.

Mike Harris' victory in 1996 and Brad Gushue's victory in 2004 gave them berths to Canada's Olympic qualifying tournaments which they eventually won. Gushue would win Olympic Gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics, while Harris won silver at the 1998 Olympics.

The event last occurred in 2008. There was no Canada Cup in the 2009-10 curling season, canceling the 2009 tournament. The Canada Cup returned in December 2010, the same time as the qualifiers used to be. It is unclear if the "JSI" will return for 2011, or if it will be replaced by another major tournament. The local qualifier for the 2010 Canada Cup of Curling was the Challenge Casino Lac Leamy.


Year Winning skip
2008 Marie-France Larouche
2007 Kevin Koe
2006 Jennifer Jones
2005 canceled
2004 Brad Gushue (men's), Jo-Ann Rizzo (women's)
2003 Jeff Stoughton (men's), Brenda Nicholls (women's)
2002 Glenn Howard (men's), Janet McGhee (women's)
2001 Wayne Middaugh (men's), Elisabet Gustafson (women's)
2000 Wayne Middaugh
1999 Mike Harris
1998 Mark Olson
1997 Rich Moffatt
1996 Mike Harris
1995 Larry Pineau
1994 Dan Mustapic
1993 Ed Werenich
1991 Ted Butler
1990 Ted Butler
1989 Eugene Hritzuk