John Smyth (1748–1811)

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John Smyth (1748–1811) was a British politician. He was an MP for Pontefract from 1783 to 1807.[1]

John Smyth features in this group portrait of the Dilettanti Society. The others are: Sir William Hamilton, Stephen Payne-Gallwey, Walter Spencer-Stanhope, Sir John Taylor, Bart., Richard Thompson and Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn.[2] Hamilton (centre, with his Order of the Bath star visible) is showing the vase to Smyth on the right.[3]


The son of John Smyth of Heath Hall, Yorkshire, he was educated at Westminster School. He matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1766.[1]

Smyth served in Parliament as member for Pontefract, from 1783 to 1807. He was a Lord of the Admiralty, from 1791 to 1794, and a Lord of the Treasury, from 1794 1802. He was Master of the Mint from 1802 to 1804, and a Commissioner of the Board of Trade in 1805.[1]

Smyth died 12 February 1811 in London.[1]


Lady Georgina Smyth (circa 1757–1799) and her son (George Romney, 1783)

He married in 1778 Lady Georgiana, eldest daughter of Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton.[1]