John Stanberry

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John Stanberry
Bishop of Hereford
Church Catholic
Appointed 7 February 1453
In office 11 May 1474
Predecessor Reginald Boulers
Successor Thomas Mylling
Consecration 23 June 1448
Personal details
Died 11 May 1474
Previous post Bishop of Bangor

John Stanberry (or Stanbury; died 11 May 1474) was a medieval Bishop of Bangor and Bishop of Hereford.

Stanberry was probably born at Morwenstow, Cornwall.[1] He was provided as the Bishop of Bangor 4 March 1448 and was consecrated on 23 June 1448.[2] He was translated to Hereford on 7 February 1453. He died on 11 May 1474.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Thomas Cheriton
Bishop of Bangor
Succeeded by
James Blakedon
Preceded by
Reginald Boulers
Bishop of Hereford
Succeeded by
Thomas Mylling