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John Statz is a folksinger/singer-songwriter, currently[when?] residing in Denver, Colorado, though he is originally from Wisconsin.

In August 2009, John Statz and singer/songwriter Jeremiah Nelson were stopped at the border of Canada,[1] attempting to enter the country on a tour, for not having the proper legal paperwork (work visa). They were denied entry, but managed to get in the next day after obtaining a work visa application from the Quebec Folk Festival, which they were scheduled to play. The legal status of that tour, including dates in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City, was questionable, but succeeded nonetheless.


  • 2006 - Dusk Came Slow
  • 2007 - Our Love Was Made For Canada
  • 2008 - An Evening With John Statz
  • 2010 - Ghost Towns
  • 2011 - The Budapest Sessions - EP
  • 2012 - Old Fashioned
  • 2015 - Tulsa


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