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John Stevenson Rhind

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John Stevenson Rhind
Died1937 (aged 77–78)
Known forSculpture
James Young Simpson by John Stevenson Rhind 1889
Statue of Queen Victoria, Foot of Leith Walk, Leith, Edinburgh
Thomas Stuart Burnett by John Stevenson Rhind
John Stevenson Rhind's signature
for others with the same name see Rhind

John Stevenson Rhind (1859 – 1937) was a Scottish sculptor based in Edinburgh.


Less is known of John Stevenson than of his family counterparts in Edinburgh but he was a nephew of John Rhind and cousin of William Birnie Rhind and J. Massey Rhind, all sculptors in Edinburgh.[1] He would appear to also connect to the family of David Watson Stevenson and apparently links between these two prominent Scottish sculpting families.

He is known to have attended the Royal Scottish Academy Life School 1881–7.[2] In 1886, he won the RSA prize for modelling. He exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy from 1877 to 1920.

His sculpture is however well-represented across the city.

From 1901 until death he lived and worked from Belford Road in Edinburgh, working from the Dean Studios.

He is buried in Dalry Cemetery in the south-west of Edinburgh with his wife, Janet Scott Brunton (1860-1919). The grave lies against the north wall, west of the Dalry Road entrance.

Principal Public Works[edit]

Other Known Works[edit]


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