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For the American publisher, see John Stillwell Stark.
John Stillwell
John Stillwell 3.JPG
Born (1942-08-12) 12 August 1942 (age 73)
Melbourne, Australia
Fields Mathematics
Institutions 1970 until 2001: Monash University
2002 to date: University of San Francisco
Alma mater University of Melbourne
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D,1970)
Doctoral advisor Hartley Rogers, Jr
Notable awards Chauvenet Prize (2005)

John Colin Stillwell (born 1942) is an Australian mathematician on the faculties of the University of San Francisco and Monash University.[1]


He was born in Melbourne, Australia and lived there until he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his doctorate.[1] He received his PhD from MIT in 1970, working under Hartley Rogers, Jr[2] who had himself worked under Alonzo Church[3]From 1970 until 2001 he taught at Monash University back in Australia and in 2002 began teaching in San Francisco.[1]


In 2005, Stillwell was the recipient of the Mathematical Association of America's prestigious Chauvenet Prize for his article “The Story of the 120-Cell,”[4] Notices of the AMS, January 2001, pp. 17–24.[5] In 2012 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.[6]


Stillwell is the author of many textbooks and other books on mathematics including:

Winner of the 2009 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award[10]
Awarded by Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

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