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John Sutton, c. 1977

John Sutton (born 10 August 1948) is the Sir John Hicks Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics.[1]

Sutton received his undergraduate education at University College Dublin, a graduate degree from Trinity College Dublin, and earned his Ph.D. at University of Sheffield. He taught at the University of Sheffield before joining LSE in 1977.[1] He has been a Visiting Associate Professor at Tokyo University, a Marvin Bower Fellow at the Harvard Business School, and a Visiting Professor of Economics at Harvard University,[1] and at the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago.

Sutton was also President of the Royal Economic Society from 2004 to 2007.[2] He is a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association and a member of Executive and Supervisory Committee at CERGE-EI in Prague.


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