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John Elliott Swana (born 1962) was an American Jazz-Trumpeter and Flügelhornist, until a benign tumor forced him to put down those instruments. He then picked up the valve trombone and Electronic Wind Instrument to continue his music profession.

He began his career in his hometown of Philadelphia in local clubs. He played in Big Bands, organ combos and finally with musicians of the hard bop mainstream.

Swana also worked with musicians including Ralph Bowen, Orrin Evans, Charles Fambrough, Herwig Gradischnig, Jimmy Greene, J. D. Walter, Joel Weiskopf, and Bobby Zankel.


  • Introducing (Criss Cross Jazz, 1990)
  • John Swana and Friends (Criss Cross, 1991)
  • The Feeling's Mutual (Criss Cross, 1993)
  • In the Moment (Criss Cross, 1995)
  • Philly-New York Junction (Criss Cross, 1998)
  • Tug of War (Criss Cross, 1997/98)
  • Philly Gumbo (Criss Cross, 2001)
  • On Target (Criss Cross, 2002)
  • Philly Gumbo Vol.2 (Criss Cross, 2005)
  • Bright Moments (Criss Cross, 2008)
  • Abohm (GALLTA MEDIA, 2012)

With Chris Potter


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