John Swett High School

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John Swett High School
John Swett High School
Crockett, California, United States
Type Public secondary
Established 1927
School district John Swett Unified
Principal Jeff Brauning
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 544 in 2008-09
Color(s) Scarlet, white, and royal
Athletics Football, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, cross-country, wrestling, cheerleading
Mascot Warriors

Coordinates: 38°03′10″N 122°13′18″W / 38.05278°N 122.22167°W / 38.05278; -122.22167[1]

John Swett High School is located in Crockett, California, United States. It serves the communities of Crockett, Port Costa, Rodeo, and the Foxboro area of Hercules. It is named after John Swett, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction, elected in 1863. John Swett High School was established in 1927. The school remains in its original building complex, which was extensively renovated five years after original construction for seismic retrofitting at a cost of two-thirds of the original cost of the complex.[citation needed] John Swett High School is part of the John Swett Unified School District.

Despite backlash from the students, the school's Indian mascot was dropped by a vote of the School District Board in February 2015.[2] Citing the Golden State Warriors as an example, the school mascot became the Warriors in February 2016. However, unlike the NBA team, the high school has not eliminated Native American references. The Native American group who lobbied for the change see the new name as equally offensive.[3]

Clubs and organizations[edit]

  • Associated Student Body and Student Council - Advisor: Chris Scott
  • California Scholarship Federation - Advisor: Shirley Monroe
  • Christian Club - Advisor: Chris Scott
  • Class of 2014 (Seniors) - Advisors: Mrs.Murray
  • Class of 2015 (Juniors) - Advisors: Ms.Rocchild and Ms. Lawrence
  • Class of 2016 (Sophomores) - Advisors: Ms.Hayden and Ms.Goike
  • Class of 2017 (Freshmen)- Advisor: Mr.Cain
  • Color Guard - Instructors: Victoria Ramirez, Jewelianna Shafer
  • Marching Band - Directors: Felix Cadez, Dean Colombo
  • Rally - Advisors: Crystal Lopez
  • Science Club - Advisor: Jim Machado
  • Debate Club - Advisor: Michael Kinsley
  • Chess Club - Advisor: Michael Kinsley
  • Service Club - Advisor: Heather Hayden

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Billie Joe Armstrong - musician, of the punk rock band Green Day (transferred after freshman year)
  • Eric the Actor (Eric Lynch) - television actor and recurring personality on the Howard Stern Show
  • Floyd Peters - professional football player
  • Aldo Ray - film actor
  • John V. Robinson - writer and photographer; author of books Crockett, and Spanning the Strait: Buildling the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge
  • Jim Turner - professional football player (1959)


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