John E. Gerin

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John E. Gerin
John T. Gerin 3313653103 7c59763c60 o.jpg
Born (1849-12-10)December 10, 1849
Cobourg, Canada West
Died February 15, 1931(1931-02-15) (aged 81)
Auburn, New York, United States
Residence Auburn, New York
Occupation physician
Known for former physician of Auburn State Prison, New York

John E. Gerin M.D. (December 10, 1849 – February 15, 1931) was the physician at Auburn State Prison in Auburn, New York under warden George W. Benham. Gerin performed the autopsy on Leon Czolgosz.[1]


Gerin was born in Cobourg, Canada West in 1849 and attended Queen's University where he attained his M.D..[2] In 1901 he performed the autopsy on Leon Czolgosz. In 1913 he was charged with brutality and indifference to suffering.[3] He died at his home in Auburn in 1931 and is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery.[4][5][6]


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