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Map of the northern and western part of the Chinese Empire - "Tibet, Mongolia, and Manchuria", from Tallis' atlas of the world (1851)
Map of "Palestine" in 1851, showing the Kaza subdivisions. At the time, the region shown was split between the Sidon Eyalet and the Damascus Eyalet

John Tallis (7 November 1817[1] – 3 June 1876) was an English cartographic publisher.[2] His company, John Tallis and Company, published views, maps and atlases in London from roughly 1838 to 1851.

Tallis set up as a publisher with Frederick Tallis in Cripplegate in 1842; the business moved to Smithfield in 1846, and was dissolved in 1849.[2] From 1851 to 1854 Tallis operated as John Tallis and Company.[2] He started The illustrated news of the world and national portrait gallery of eminent personages in 1858, selling it for £1,370 in 1861; it folded in 1863.[2]

He lived in New Cross, South East London. His house on New Cross Road is listed as a Building of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, grade II. It has a blue plaque on the wall to signal the event.[3]


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