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John Tejada

John Tejada (born 21 April 1974 in Vienna, Austria), is an electronic music artist, music producer, DJ, and record label owner. His Austrian father was an orchestra composer/conductor who met his mother, a soprano singer of Mexican-American descent, while she was studying in Vienna.

He has recorded under diverse monikers for various labels. Names he has recorded under include Mr. Hazeltine, Lucid Dream, and Autodidact. He also provided a remix to "Such Great Heights", from The Postal Service.


Tejada has released several recordings with Arian Leviste over the span of 15 years. He is also a frequent collaborator with Divine Styler. He teamed up with Takeshi Nishimoto (a pupil of Pepe Romero) to form I'm Not A Gun. I'm Not A Gun has released five full-length albums since 2003.

In 2006, he performed at several venues throughout Europe with Justin Maxwell, his newest associate. In October 2007, Tejada and Arian Leviste embarked on their first tour together throughout Europe. The duo performed a live hardware set at the following venues: Mission (Leeds, UK), Click (Hamburg, Germany), Watergate (Berlin, Germany), Propaganda (Moscow, Russia), Maffia (Reggio Emilia, Italy), Batofar (Paris, France), and Compression @ King King (Los Angeles, California, USA).




  • Ebonics (1997) - Palette Recordings
  • Genre (1998) - Palette Recordings
  • Sonic Life (1998) - Ferox Records
  • Song Forms & Freedom (2000) - Mosaic
  • The Cover Up (2000) - 1200 Music
  • Connection Remixes (2001) - Sheep Records
  • Mating Rhythm (2001) - Mosaic
  • The Toiling of Idle Hands (2004) - Immigrant
  • Voyager (2005) - Palette Recordings
  • Sweat (On the Walls) (2005) - Poker Flat Recordings
  • Not That, But This (2011) - Trapez
  • Acid Test 10 (2016) - Absurd Recordings
  • Therapy (2016) - Palette Recordings
  • Acid Test 12 (2017) - Absurd Recordings


  • Fabric 44 - John Tejada (2009) - Fabric (London)]
  • The 7th City Years (2012) - Palette Recordings

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