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John Thompson Productions
Industry Pornography
Founded 1997; 20 years ago (1997)
Founder John Thompson
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Area served
Products Pornographic films
Owner Kerstin Gotzmann / Raymond Bacharach

John Thompson Productions is a German pornographic film studio, based in Berlin, Germany. The studio is best known for its bukkake-themed series, GGG (German Goo Girls); however, it has other series focusing on gangbangs, urolagnia and urophagia, BDSM, erotic humiliation and rough sex. The company is one of the best known and top selling German and European porn studios.[1][2][3][4][5][6] John Thompson and his films have won or been nominated for several pornography awards; however, the perceived extreme nature of its content has led to some of its films being banned in several countries.

John Thompson[edit]

John Thompson (real name Raymond Louis Bacharach; * 11.5.1945[7]) is the producer and director of all JT productions.[8] He studied psychology and art in West Berlin. Prior to founding his company he worked as a director and cameraman with the German porn label 'Puaka'.[3] He founded John Thompson Productions in 1997. So far he has produced more than a thousand films, and typically releases 6 new DVDs every month.[3][8][9] Bacharach won the 2005 Eroticline Award for best German director, and has been featured on the front cover of adult industry publications. Before moving to Berlin in early 2011 (for reasons unknown) the studio was based in the Skyline night club above the Karstadt department store (formerly Hertie) skyscraper in Leopoldstraße, Munich. The club is also thought to have been owned by Bacharach at one time after he moved his operation into the building in late 2002. Skyline later closed without explanation in late 2011 and the premises are now empty.


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German Goo Girls[edit]

The GGG series started in 1997.[3] It focuses on bukkake, snowballing (sexual practice);[10] however, it also features gangbangs, lesbian sex and very occasionally urolagnia, and is the most successful of all JT productions. GGG is distributed in the United States by Black Widow Productions, who had to move to a larger warehouse to cope with demand for the series.[11][12] GGG won in the 'Special Video production' category at the 2004 Venus Awards.[13] GGG title 'Cissie's Cum Show' was nominated in the 'Best Specialty Release – Other Genre' category at the 2006 AVN Awards[12][14] The series also won the Adam Film World 'Most Outrageous Sex Series' award in 2005, and is discussed in the 2008 book 'Alles über Porno!', by Marcel Feige.[15][16][17] Importing the GGG title 'Vollgespritzt & Vollgepisst' to Canada is prohibited, due to it being deemed obscene by the Canadian authorities.[18] GGG launched the career of Annette Schwarz, so far the only actress to have worked with John Thompson to have gone on to a successful mainstream porn career in the United States.[10]


Started in 2001, 666 focuses mainly on urolagnia and urophagia; however, it also features bukkake. The series is banned in Switzerland.[19] Importing the 666 titles 'Vollgepisst !!!' and 'Wasser Marsch!' to Canada is again prohibited,[18] and 'Piss Bude' is banned in Australia.[20] All 666 films and any other John Thompson films featuring urolagnia are presumably banned in New Zealand, where publishing anything promoting or supporting urolagnia is an offense punishable by up to ten years in prison, and possessing films depicting urolagnia is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.[21][22][23]


Started in 2004, Sexbox mainly focuses on BDSM, erotic humiliation and rough sex, with some bukkake and 'watersports'.[6] The series is banned in Switzerland, and 'Sexbox 15' was also seized by the German authorities.[19]


Started in 2007, Mädchenmund ('Girl's Mouth') focuses on young-looking (over 18) women. It also features extensive dialogue, unusual for a JT production. The series plots typically feature a naive young girl at, for instance, a doctor's or theatrical agent's, who is seemingly persuaded into sex against her will. The series won the 'Best New Video Series' award at the 2006 Eroticline awards.[24][25]

John Thompson[edit]

Started in 2002, the 'John Thompson' label focuses on bukkake, and as such is very similar to GGG.

GGG Devot[edit]

GGG Devot is a GGG spin-off which includes elements of BDSM, urolagnia and urophagia.

Piss Box[edit]

Piss Box contains similar content to Sex Box, but with additional urolagnia and urophagia.

GGG Das erste Mal / First Cumshot[edit]

This series features actresses who are purportedly acting in their first porn film.

GGG-John Thompsons Casting Girls[edit]

Casting Girls is a behind the scenes look at John Thompson Productions screening process for prospective new GGG actresses.[26][27]

German Goo Boys[edit]

German Goo Boys is a gay version of GGG.


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