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John Tracy Clinic is a private, nonprofit education center for infants and preschool children with hearing loss in Los Angeles, California, USA. It was founded by Louise Treadwell Tracy, wife of actor Spencer Tracy, in 1942. It provides free, parent-centered services worldwide. The Clinic has over 60 years of expertise in the spoken language option, called oralism.[1] It is located at 806 West Adams Boulevard, in the city's West Adams district.

The Clinic offers worldwide family services, local family services, professional education, preschool, hearing testing, and more.[1]


Louise and Spencer Tracy's son, John, was diagnosed with nerve deafness in 1925.[2] They were initially told that nothing could be done to help it, but they continued looking for help. A specialist in New York told them John could live a “normal” life if he learned to lip read and talk. As Louise worked with her son, she realized other parents need help with their deaf child[ren], too. She started a daycare in 1942, next to the University of Southern California.[3] The business incorporated into the John Tracy Clinic (JTC) the next year with Walt Disney as one of the first board members alongside Spencer. Over the years it grew, developing a correspondence course as well to reach those who couldn't travel to them. In 1952 the clinic moved to more modern facilities.[3] The clinic highly promotes oralism. JTC now serves over 25,000 families a year, focusing on those aged 0-5 years.[1]


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