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John Trenchard (1586 – 1662) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1621 and 1659.

Trenchard was born in Charminster, near Dorchester, the son of Sir George Trenchard of Warmwell and his wife Ann née Speke, daughter of Sir George Speke of White Lackington.[1]

In 1621, Trenchard was elected Member of Parliament for Wareham. He was re-elected MP for Wareham in 1624 and 1625.[2]

In April 1640, Trenchard was re-elected MP for Wareham in the Short Parliament. He was elected again MP for Wareham for the Long Parliament in November 1640, and sat until 1653. He was elected MP for Dorset in the First Protectorate Parliament of 1653 and the Second Protectorate Parliament in 1656. He sat again for Wareham in 1659 in the Restored Rump Parliament.[2]

Trenchard died at Warmwell, near Dorchester.

Trenchard married Jane Rodney, daughter of Sir John Rodney of Stoke, Somerset. His daughter Jane married John Sadler, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and his daughter Grace married William Sydenham.[1]


Parliament of England
Preceded by
John Freke
Sir William Pitt
Member of Parliament for Wareham
With: Sir William Pitt
Succeeded by
Nathaniel Napier
John Meller
Preceded by
Parliament suspended since 1629
Member of Parliament for Wareham
With: Gilbert Jones 1640
Thomas Erle 1640-1648
Succeeded by
Not represented in Barebones Parliament
Preceded by
William Sydenham
John Bingham
Member of Parliament for Dorset
With: William Sydenham
John Bingham
John Fitzjames
Henry Henley 1654
Sir Walter Earle 1654
Robert Coker 1656
James Dewey 1656
Succeeded by
Sir Walter Earle
John Bingham