John W. Daniels

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John W. Daniels
BornFebruary 23, 1857
DiedJune 8, 1931
Known forco-founder of Archer Daniels Midland
Children1 son

John W. Daniels (February 23, 1857 – June 8, 1931) was an American businessman. He was the co-founder and chairman of Archer Daniels Midland.

Early life[edit]

John W. Daniels was born on February 23, 1857, in Piqua, Ohio.[1][2]


Daniels first worked for a linseed company in Piqua.[1] He joined American Linseed Co. in Buffalo, New York, and later became the manager of a linseed factory in Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

Daniels founded Daniels Linseed Co. in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902.[1] With George A. Archer, Daniels co-founded Archer-Daniels in 1904.[3] After a full year of operation, the company reported a $72,000 profit.[4] When they purchased Midland Linseed Products Co. in 1912, it became known as Archer Daniels Midland. Daniels served as its chairman.[2]

Personal life and death[edit]

Daniels had a wife, Amelia Leonard,[5] and a son, Thomas L. Daniels.[1] They resided at Kenwood Parkway in St. Paul, Minnesota as well as in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.[1] Daniels had an affinity for art and collected art works.[1]

Daniels died on June 8, 1931, in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the age of 74.[1][2] His funeral was held in Piqua, Ohio.[2]


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