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John W. Ingram (April 6, 1929 – January 27, 2008[1]) was the President of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad in its final years, from 1974 to 1979.


Ingram was Federal Railroad Administration Administrator from 1971 to 1974,[2] and took over the Rock Island in 1974, and resigned in November 1979, only several months later on January 24, 1980, the Rock Island was ordered to be liquidated in federal bankruptcy court.

In 1974, Ingram wanted a new paint design for the Rock Island, this new paint, was blue, black and white (former colors had been red and yellow). In September 1979, the Rock Island clerks walked out on strike against the railroad. The Interstate Commerce Commission ordered the Kansas City Terminal Railway to take over operations, and Ingram resigned. At that point, William M. Gibbons, who was already the receiver and trustee of the railroad, took over as president.

The Rock Island was shut down in March 1980.

He was the older brother of Radio Hall of Fame member Dan Ingram.


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