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John Ward
John Ward by Thomas Beech.jpg
Born(1704-06-24)24 June 1704
Died30 October 1773(1773-10-30) (aged 69)

John Ward (24 June 1704 – 30 October 1773) was an English actor and theatre manager. The founder of the Warwickshire Company of Comedians – a Birmingham-based theatre company who toured throughout the West Midlands and into Wales during the mid to late eighteenth century[1] – he was the first of the Kemble family theatrical dynasty, whose most notable member was his granddaughter Sarah Siddons.[2] Ward was the first recorded performer of a Shakespearian play in Stratford-upon-Avon,[3] and is also notable as the author of the two earliest surviving prompt books of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which reveal how the play was performed in eighteenth century England and also throw light on earlier practice.[4]


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