John Watson (English artist)

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John Watson
Born Blackpool, Lancashire
Nationality British
Area(s) Penciler, Oil paints
Notable works
Son Of M
Silent War

John Watson was born in the 1970s in Blackpool, England. He is one of the few remaining comic book artists who specialises in painting in oils, and has done a number of notable cover runs for both Marvel and DC comics, most recently painting all the covers for the Marvel Apes series and for the second year running, the Triple-A Baseball covers. He has also illustrated a number of trading cards.


Watson studied Fine Art at the Cheltenham & Gloucester college. He notes Norman Rockwell as an influence alongside more conventional comicbook influences such as Alex Toth, Nick Cardy, Neal Adams and George Pérez.

A comicbook fan since childhood, his official website says "When I was 12, I realised that being a millionaire, having a cave under the house and fighting crime wasn't going to happen, so I began to concentrate on 'drawing comics' instead."


Silent War #1 (2007): Black Bolt and the Fantastic Four on the cover of the first issue of Silent War by John Watson


His comic work includes:



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