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John Watt Beattie (15 August 1859 – 24 June 1930) was an Australian photographer.

Photograph taken in Fiji by John Watt Beattie, early 20th century

Beattie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. He was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Tasmania in 1890. He was appointed Photographer to the Government of Tasmania on 21 December 1896. He did extensive photography around Tasmania, as well as in the Central Highlands and on the West Coast of Tasmania. He was employed by the North Mount Lyell Company to photograph between Gormanston, Tasmania and Kelly Basin in the 1890s.

He travelled with lantern slide shows on various subjects — A trip through Tasmania, From Kelly's Basin to Gormanston as well as Port Arthur and Tasman Peninsula [1]

In the 1890s he also prepared composite pictures of the Governors of Tasmania 1804–1895, as well as Parliamentarians of Tasmania 1856–1895.

He also travelled to Norfolk Island and did photographic work there as well. He died in Hobart.

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