John White (1699–1769)

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John White (2 December 1699 – 7 September, 1769) was an English politician.


John White was the son and heir of Thomas White of Tuxford and Wallingwells and his wife Bridget. He succeeded to his father’s estates at the age of 33 in 1732.[1] A portrait of him as a young man show him as handsome, similar in looks to Prince Charles Edward Stuart.[citation needed]

John was an influential politician of his day. He was elected MP for East Retford in 1733, a seat he held until 1768. He was strongly Whig in his outlook and a supporter of Henry Pelham and the Duke of Newcastle, who were the Prime Ministers between 1744 and 1756. In particular he held sway over the Duke of Newcastle, who was a close friend of both John and his late father, Thomas.[1]

Each season John would travel in great state to London in a coach and six, attended by a throng of servants and outriders. The park at Wallingwells was well stocked with deer and its ponds teeming with fish. When at Wallingwells, John hunted and showed generous hospitality to his guests. He built the grotto on the edge of one of the ponds just south of the house.[citation needed]

John White died on 7 September 1769 unmarried. He was succeeded by his younger brother Taylor White.


Parliament of Great Britain
Preceded by
Thomas White
Sir Robert Clifton
Member of Parliament for East Retford
With: Sir Robert Clifton 1733–1741
William Mellish 1741–1751
John Shelley 1751–1768
Succeeded by
Sir Cecil Wray
John Offley