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United Kingdom
Name: John Wickliffe
Launched: 1841
General characteristics
Tons burthen: 662 tons

John Wickliffe was the first ship to arrive carrying Scottish settlers, including Otago settlement founder Captain William Cargill, in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand.[1] The ship was named after the Reformer, John Wycliffe.

Departing with 97 passengers from Gravesend, near London, on 22 November 1847,[2] and from Portsmouth on 14 December 1847, she arrived at Port Chalmers on 23 March 1848. 23 March is now observed as Otago Anniversary Day,[3] although the anniversary actually celebrates the establishment of the Otago provincial government on the same day in 1852.[4] Her sister ship, the Philip Laing, arrived three weeks later on 15 April.

Complete passenger list of the John Wickcliffe

One of the more prominent buildings in the Exchange area of downtown Dunedin is named John Wickliffe House in honour of the ship. It stands on land close to where the ship berthed in Dunedin.

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