John Willard (playwright)

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John Willard
Born November 28, 1885
San Francisco, California, United States
Died August 30, 1942(1942-08-30) (aged 56)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation Playwright
Language English
Genre Theatre

John Willard (November 28, 1885, San Francisco, California – August 30, 1942, Los Angeles, California) was an American playwright. His most famous work is The Cat and the Canary (1922), which was made into the influential silent film of the same name in 1927. Also, the work was filmed in 1930, in 1939 (starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard) and in 1979 (by Radley Metzger).[1] Willard also co-wrote The Blue Flame (1920) with George V. Hobart.


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