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John William Douglas (15 November 1814 – 28 July 1905) was an English entomologist, chiefly interested in microlepidoptera

John William Douglas was born 1814 in Putney. He became interested in insects whilst working at Kew Gardens and published many papers and books on entomology. His most important work was The Natural History of the Tineina with the German Philipp Christoph Zeller, Englishman Henry Tibbats Stainton and a Swiss, Heinrich Frey. The Natural History of the Tineina appeared in English, French, German and Latin editions. Although his main interest was the Lepidoptera, Douglas was joint author of the work British Hemiptera Vol.1. Hemiptera-Heteroptera (1865). He was a one-time president of the Royal Entomological Society and editor of The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine. Douglas was a keen promoter of entomology, especially among the young. He died in 1905 in Garlesden.


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John William Douglas’ British Coleoptera and Hemiptera British Macrolepidoptera and Microlepidoptera are in the Natural History Museum, London.


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