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John William Richardson (August 23, 1863 – August 20, 1938) was a merchant, horticulturist and politician in Ontario, Canada. He served as mayor of North Bay in 1902 and from 1932 to 1933.[1]

The son of John Stanley Richardson, a native of England, and Helen Taylor,[1] he was born in Forest, Huron County, Canada West.[2] He first worked with George Frederick Marter, a general merchant. Richardson later went to Winnipeg, where he entered the hardware business.[2] He also worked as a tinsmith on the roof of the Manitoba parliament buildings. Around 1885, he married Eliza Hill of Winnipeg; they had four children.[1] Richardson came to North Bay in 1885. He opened a tinsmith shop which, over time, became a hardware and general store.[2]

He served on the North Bay council, as chair of the town planning commission and as a member of the public school board. Richardson was also president of the local horticultural society. He also served as head of the local Orange Order.[1]

Richardson died just before his 75th birthday of a heart problem that had affected him for the last five years of his life.[1]

Richardson's store remained in the family until 1998 when it was destroyed in a fire.[1]


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