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John Yarker (1833–1913)

John Yarker (17 April 1833 – 20 March 1913) was an English Freemason, author, and occultist. He was born in Swindale, Shap, Westmorland, in the north of England. He moved with his parents to Lancashire and on to Manchester in 1849. Ηe was descended from Reinhold Yarker de Laybourne who lived in the mid 17th century.


He was made a Freemason of the United Grand Lodge of England at the age of 21 in the Lodge of Integrity, No. 189, Manchester, on 25 October 1854, becoming a Master Mason at the beginning of 1855.[1] Seven years later, in 1862, he demitted (resigned) from Freemasonry.[2][3]

In 1872 Yarker established the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry for England and Ireland under the authority of a Patent issued by the American Grand Master of that organization, Harry Seymour. As well as establishing the Ancient and Primitive Rite, Yarker would later become Deputy International Grand Master (1900) and International Grand Master (1902) of the Rite of Memphis-Misraim.[4]

He died in Withington, Lancashire.

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