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John Zorn appears on over 400 recordings as a composer or performer. This is a selection of recordings released under his name, bands he was/is part of, collaborations with other musicians, and significant albums to which he has contributed. The year indicates when the album was first released and any subsequent years if the following release included additional material.

John Zorn[edit]

The Parachute Years (1997)[edit]

Box Set featuring the following recordings (also released separately)

Cobra performances[edit]

Music Romance series[edit]

The Dreamers[edit]

Filmworks series[edit]

with Naked City[edit]

with Painkiller[edit]

with Hemophiliac[edit]

with Masada[edit]

with Electric Masada[edit]

Masada String Trio[edit]

Bar Kokhba Sextet[edit]

Masada Anniversary series[edit]

50th Birthday Celebration series[edit]

Masada Book Two - The Book of Angels[edit]


The Gnostic Trio[edit]

Album collaborations[edit]

Albums featured[edit]