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Sir John de Sutton V (February 1380 – 28 August 1406)[1] was the 4th Baron Sutton of Dudley[2] and heir to Dudley Castle. He was the son of Sir John de Sutton IV, 3rd Baron Sutton, and Joan[3] (d.1408).[2] John married Constance Blount (d.11 October 1432),[4] daughter of Sir Walter le Blount of Barton who was killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury in c.1402, whose death was immortalized by Shakespeare.[5]

John V is a descendant of the first Lord Dudley, Sir John de Sutton II (c.1310–1359) the first to be summoned to the Parliament of England as Baron Sutton in 1342.[6] From 1397 to 1406, John V held lands derived from the Earls of Powis, upon the death of his great grandmother[2] Isabel de Cherleton. In 1401, during the second year of King Henry IV of England's reign, John V did homage for the lands, including Castle Dudley.[7][4] After John V's death, the Blounts had a stake in Dudley lands when his mother-in-law, Donna Sanchia de Ayala (d.1418),[8] took custody of his first child John VI,[9][10] who was age six, as well as being granted John V's valuable estates.[11] Widowed, Constance was eventually sued by Robert Erghom for her dower in the King's chancery by which she defaulted several times on the King's grant of Dudley manor.[12]

John V was succeeded by John Sutton VI, 1st Baron Dudley. By Constance, his other children included Thomas Sutton of Dudley, and Elizabeth Sutton of Dudley.[13] He is also said to have had a child, Humphrey Dudley.[5]



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