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John En Shirley
Created by KB Entertainment Unlimited, Inc.
Directed by Bert de Leon
Starring Dolphy as John
Susan Roces as En/Encarnacion
Maricel Soriano as Shirley
see cast for more
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 60 minutes
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release July 29, 2006 (2006-07-29) – October 27, 2007 (2007-10-27)
Related shows John En Marsha
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John en Shirley was a sitcom aired weekly on ABS-CBN. The show was a spin-off from the original John En Marsha, which was the longest-running primetime comedy sitcom in Philippine television history.

On 2006, the classic 1970s sitcom was revived on ABS-CBN under the new title, John En Shirley (John, En for Encarnacion, Shirley). Dolphy and Maricel were the only ones from the original cast. One of the original cast members, Evelyn Bontogon as Matutina and Isko Salvador as Isko, made an appearance on one of the episodes.

It is re-aired in Jeepney TV every Wednesday-Saturday in different timeslots.

Cast and characters[edit]

Actor Character Description
Dolphy John Puruntong He is the ever-lovable John who is now a widower in his 70s and still willing and able to do his part to keep his family happy. Life experiences helped him become the wise man that he is now. He still feels the loss of Marsha, but keeps moving forward with the help of his daughter.
Maricel Soriano Shirley Puruntong-Ramirez Shirley is John's only daughter. Now in her 30s, she's still the strong-willed girl from John en Marsha. She tries to balance her time between her family and her career. She's the peacekeeper between her father and her in laws.
Susan Roces En/ Encar/ Encarnacion Ramirez She is a very classy lady who's all out for her family. She spoils her daughter and is always meddling with her son's life. Living near Shirley and her family gives her the luxury to come and go of their house as she pleases. She sometimes says the famous phrase that Doña Delilah used to say: "Kaya magsumikap ka!" which means "You must work hard!"
Vandolph Quizon Atong Puruntong Atong is John's youngest son who, unfortunately, has no plans of leaving the nest and is always looking for easy ways to get money. He gets into all sorts of stitches because of his troublemaking ways.
Mich Dulce Mich Ramirez Her mother spoils her to death, leading her to believe that she really is too good a catch for just any man. She tends to be quite annoying especially when she baby talks.
Richie Macapagal Bernie Ramirez Bernie is a soft-spoken man with a good heart. He puts up his own company to get out of his mother's shadow.
Noel Trinidad Rene Ramirez Just like his son, Rene is soft-spoken and usually keeps to himself, especially when he's around his wife. He only comes out of his shell when he's around John.
Janna Baker Nicole Ramirez Nicole is in her teens. She is energetic and has a lot of spirit, and she doesn't get along with her brother.
Ivan David JP Ramirez JP is the youngest of Shirley's children. He's soft-spoken like the other men in their family. John's especially fond of him.
Pooh Giovanni The owner of the salon in John's community.
Isko Salvador Isko Said to be a former suitor of Shirley.

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