John the Chanter

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John the Chanter
Bishop of Exeter
Appointed before October 1186
Term ended 1 June 1191
Predecessor Bartholomew Iscanus
Successor Henry Marshal
Consecration 5 October 1186
Personal details
Died 1 June 1191
Buried Exeter Cathedral
Denomination Catholic

John the Chanter (died 1191) was a medieval Bishop of Exeter.


John's exact background is unclear. He may be the same person as the John Planeta who was a clerk of Thomas Becket's during Becket's exile, but the connection is not proven. All that is known is that he was elderly when he was consecrated.[1]

John was consecrated on 5 October 1186.[2] He was present at King Richard I's coronation.[1]

John died on 1 June 1191.[2] He is buried in Exeter Cathedral, where his tomb survives.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Bartholomew Iscanus
Bishop of Exeter
Succeeded by
Henry Marshal