John the Chanter

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John the Chanter
Bishop of Exeter
Appointedbefore October 1186
Term ended1 June 1191
PredecessorBartholomew Iscanus
SuccessorHenry Marshal
Consecration5 October 1186
Personal details
Died1 June 1191
BuriedExeter Cathedral

John the Chanter (died 1191) was a medieval Bishop of Exeter.


John's exact background is unclear. He may be the same person as the John Planeta who was a clerk of Thomas Becket's during Becket's exile, but the connection is not proven. All that is known is that he was elderly when he was consecrated.[1]

John was consecrated on 5 October 1186.[2] He was present at King Richard I's coronation.[1]

John died on 1 June 1191.[2] He is buried in Exeter Cathedral, where his tomb survives.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Bartholomew Iscanus
Bishop of Exeter
Succeeded by
Henry Marshal