John the Fearless (film)

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John the Fearless
Directed by Jef Cassiers
Produced by Hilda Verboven
Screenplay by Jef Cassiers
Starring Jan Decleir
Jef Burm
Music by Alain Pierre
Edited by Renaat Rombouts
Belgische Radio en Televisie (BRT)
Release dates
1984 (in Belgium)
Running time
78 minutes
Country Belgium
Language Dutch

John the Fearless (Dutch: Jan zonder vrees) is a 1984 Belgian animated film. It is notable for being the first feature length animated film produced in Flanders in its entirety. It is based on a novel by Constant de Kinder and features voice work by Belgian character actor Jan Decleir. An English dubbed version of the film was produced by Canadian animation studio Cinar Films and was released on video in 1989 by Just For Kids Video.


The story begins when John resigns his job as a sailor and goes back home to his grandmother. After seeing all of the burglars in town, he takes it upon himself to rid the town of all evildoers. After he's become the word around town, he lets everyone in the town know that he has no fear. His cousin, in jealousy of John's newfound fame decides to disprove this statement, by showing up at the local graveyard dressed as a ghost. John, annoyed with the ghost's presence, accidentally kills his cousin. Realizing his mistake, he reports it, only to be arrested and sentenced to prison. However, he easily escapes the prison guards and goes about his ways. He ends up soon after in the countryside, to find a servant being beaten by his master. After showing the boss the error of his ways, the boss recognizes his goodheartedness and sends him on a quest to destroy a shape shifting evil water demon called Kludde,with the servant as his sidekick. John, true to his claim of having "no fear" begins his quest with good spirits. After accomplishing numerous brave deeds, he is knighted by the historical John the Fearless.

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