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Johnny Corn is an Irish-American comedian and actor best known for his stand up comedy and for "Halloween 7 Bloodline" as well as "Doctor By Heart.[1][2] Corn's comedy style is best known for its political satire and its unique and intellectual comedy style.[3]


Johnny Corn was born John Nalty on April 10, 1969.[2] He grew up in San Jose, California. His stage name Johnny Corn was his childhood nickname his sisters gave him which stuck.[1] He was born the son of historian and University Professor Dr Damon Nalty. He has a background in culinary arts and studied to be a chef only to have comedy win out.[1]

Corn started his comedy career in the late 1980s. Originally his stage name was Pycho Cow which was later changed to Johnny Corn.[4] He has performed internationally and is currently based out of his long time home in Campbell, California.[1] In addition to stand up, Corn has been in commercials, broadcast radio and several movies including "Doctor By Heart" as well as "Halloween 7 Bloodline" and "Comedy Of The Corn".[3] He is currently in production of the first motion picture written and directed by Corn called "5 Comedians".[5][6] He is known for many appearances on TV. Most notably on the mock game-show the "DID YOU KNOW SHOW" [7]


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