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Jonathan Goldberg, known as Johnny G (born 1956 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a South African cyclist, former professional cyclist and developer of the indoor cycling program called Spinning.



Johnny G developed the Spinning program in 1987.[1] He was training for a cross-country bicycle race called "The Race Across America" (the race was a 3,100-mile bicycle race from Los Angeles to New York City). During night training he was nearly killed on the road, and he decided not to do his night time training on the bicycle, and bring it indoors into the house. This was when he started to think of constructing a commercial training program.[2]


Johnny G. also developed a new athletic training program called "Kranking". This program is for training the upper body. "Krankcycles" are stationary arm bikes, basically, with just a seat, a suspended front wheel, and hand-pedals where handlebars normally go.[3]

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