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Johnny "Gyro" Potter
Born California, United States
Residence California, United States
Style Tangsoodo, Taekwondo, Hapkido
Teacher(s) Chuck Norris
Rank      9th degree black belt in Tangsoodo
     black belt in Taekwondo
     black belt in Hapkido
     black belt in Kang Duk Won
     black belt in Gung Fu
     black belt in Shippalgi[disambiguation needed]

Johnny 'Gyro' Potter is an American martial arts instructor, and former competitive karate fighter. He is an 9th degree black belt grand master of Tangsoodo (Korean karate). He also holds black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kang Duk Won, Gung Fu, and Shippalgi. He started training under Chuck Norris at his Sherman Oaks, California Karate school; and earned his first black belt in 1978.

In 1985 Potter was named “Fighter of the Year” by Martial Arts Magazine and in 1990 was inducted into the IFKA Hall of Fame with their title of “Competitor of the Year”. He was ranked as the top competitor in Region 2 (California and Nevada) by Karate Illustrated Magazine and Martial Arts Magazine from 1982-1987. He was ranked as the top fighter in the Professional Karate League (PKL) and in the California Karate League (CKL). He was ranked nationally #18 in 1983 and #10 in 1985 by Karate Illustrated Magazine and #6 in the United States by the NAKC in 1986. In the AAU Tae Kwon Do competition, Johnny Gyro was rated #1 in 1983 in Men’s Fighting Region 2, California and Nevada.[1]

As "Johnny Gyro" he appeared on the covers of at least 8 martial arts magazines.[2]


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