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Johnny Johns
Personal information
Country represented United States
Former partner Mary Campbell

Johnny Johns is an American retired competitive figure skater who currently works as a coach. As a pair skater, he competed with Melissa Militano and won the 1974 and 1975 United States Figure Skating Championships.[1] They placed 8th at the 1974 World Figure Skating Championships and 6th in 1975. With partner Mary Campbell, he is the 1973 National Champion in ice dancing. Their highest placement at the World Championships was 6th, in 1973.

Johns, who is from the Detroit area, began skating at the age of 8 as a family activity. For some years he was splitting his time between skating and Little League Baseball, where he had developed the ability to pitch both left- and right-handed. Johns carried this ambidextrousness over to his skating and learned how to do jumps in both directions as well. He also early developed a very smooth stroking style.[2]

When his former coach left the Detroit area, Johns began to work with Ronald Ludington, who insisted that he give up on baseball and concentrate of skating year-round. Ludington was responsible for pairing him up first with Mary Karen Campbell in dance, and then with Laurie Johnson in pairs.[2]

Johns attended regular schools during his skating career. At the time he made the World team for the first time in 1971, he was a student at the University of Delaware.[2]

Johns currently works as a coach. He coached at the Detroit Skating Club for 27 years before moving to the Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, Michigan in 2006. He coached Marcy Hinzmann & Aaron Parchem to the Olympics and Danielle Hartsell & Steve Hartsell to a World Junior title. His current and former students include Brooke Castile & Ben Okolski,[3] and Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir.[4]


Men's Singles[edit]

Event 1971
U.S. Championships 6th


(with Johnson)

Event 1971 1972
U.S. Championships 8th 8th

(with Benenson)

Event 1973
U.S. Championships 3rd

(with Militano)

Event 1974 1975
World Championships 8th 6th
U.S. Championships 1st 1st

Ice Dance[edit]

(with Campbell)

Event 1969–70 1970–71 1971–72 1972–73
World Championships 10th 10th 6th
North American Championships 3rd
U.S. Championships 6th 3rd 3rd 1st
Nebelhorn Trophy 1st


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