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Johnny K
Birth nameJohn Karkazis
BornChicago, Illinois, U.S.

John Karkazis,[1] better known as Johnny K, is an American record producer, engineer and mixer. He owns Groovemaster Recording Studios in Chicago. In addition to the studios, his 40,000-square-foot (3,700 m2) music complex includes a gymnasium, rehearsal rooms, and pre-production rooms.[1]

Album credits[edit]

Album Year Band Credits
Tweaked 1995 Enuff Z'Nuff Engineered
Peach Fuzz 1996 Enuff Z'Nuff Mixed and Engineered
Running with Scissors 1996 The Orphan Punks Produced, engineered and mixed
The Lost Demos 1996 Moreno Produced, engineered and mixed
Seven 1997 Enuff Z'Nuff Engineered
Music Saves 1998 Big Wow Engineered and mixed
Paraphernalia 1999 Enuff Z'Nuff Engineered
The Sickness 2000 Disturbed Produced and engineered
10 2000 Enuff Z'Nuff Mixed
Healing 2001 Ünloco Produced, engineered and mixed
No One 2001 No One Produced, engineered and mixed
Scars 2001 SOiL Produced and engineered
Supercharger 2001 Machine Head Produced and engineered
Believe 2002 Disturbed Produced and engineered
Finger Eleven 2003 Finger Eleven Produced, engineered and mixed
XIII 2003 Mushroomhead Produced and engineered
Redefine 2004 SOiL Produced and engineered
Two 2004 Earshot Produced and engineered
Desensitized 2004 Drowning Pool Produced and engineered
Seventeen Days 2005 3 Doors Down Produced and engineered
Ten Thousand Fists 2005 Disturbed Produced and engineered
Until There's Nothing Left of Us 2006 Kill Hannah Produced, engineered and mixed
Every Second Counts 2006 Plain White T's Produced, engineered and mixed
Them vs. You vs. Me 2007 Finger Eleven Produced, engineered and mixed
Light From Above 2008 Black Tide Produced, engineered and mixed
3 Doors Down 2008 3 Doors Down Produced and engineered
The Illusion of Progress 2008 Staind Produced and engineered
Big Bad World 2008 Plain White T's Produced and engineered
Adelitas Way 2009 Adelitas Way Produced and engineered
Picture Perfect 2009 SOiL Produced
Cold Day Memory 2010 Sevendust Produced, engineered and mixed
Welcome To The Wasteland 2010 Bad City Produced and mixed
No Apologies 2010 Trapt Produced, engineered and mixed
War of Angels 2011 Pop Evil Produced, engineered and mixed
Staind 2011 Staind Produced, engineered and mixed
Thirteen 2011 Megadeth Produced, engineered and mixed[2]
Red Lamb 2012 Red Lamb Mixed[3]
Nonpoint 2012 Nonpoint Produced, engineered and mixed
Super Collider 2013 Megadeth Produced and mixed
Saint Asonia 2015 Saint Asonia Produced, engineered and mixed[4]
Using you 2015 Mars Argo Produced
Getaway 2016 Adelitas Way Produced
Stormchasers 2017 Lucky Boys Confusion Produced
Notorious 2017 Adelitas Way Produced and mixed
Sunshine 2020 The Black Moods Produced


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