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Johnny Nobody is a 1961 UK drama film brought to the screen by Viceroy Films Limited under the production of John R. Sloan with executive production from Irving Allen and Albert R. Broccoli. The original story was by Albert Z. Carr with the screenplay by Patrick Kirwan. It was directed by the British film and stage actor Nigel Patrick who also took a lead role. The film also featured the BAFTA winning actress Yvonne Mitchell (with whom Patrick had starred in the 1959 production of Sapphire) and the American actors William Bendix and Aldo Ray. Cinematography was by Ted Moore.[1]


When James Ronald Mulcahy (William Bendix) an Irish American author is murdered moments after he dares God to strike him dead, his murderer (Aldo Ray), looks for help from the man who must decide his fate, the local priest Father Carey (Nigel Patrick). The killer is tagged "Johnny Nobody" by the press due to his total amnesia about the whole event, but further investigation by Carey leads him to question whether or not "Johnny" was acting for God, or as seems more likely his girlfriend Miss Floyd (Yvonne Mitchell).[2]



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