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Johnny Nunez is a celebrity photographer turned entrepreneur. He is the founder of Nubuzzphoto and Cofounder of[1] He has gained popularity in celebrity circles, including Hollywood actors, musicians, athletes, and other notable stars.


Although Johnny is sometimes referred to as a paparazzo, most celebrities are happy to see him and consider him a friend. Johnny is a contributing photographer for WireImage, which is now owned by Getty Images. He has also been called one of WireImage's top five connected photographers. In 2002 Johnny became the personal photographer for the famous Hip-Hop mogul Damon Dash. Dash hired Nunez to travel around the world with him. It was around this time that the famous story of Nunez and Dash fighting off a gang in Paris, France occurred. For over 20 years Johnny has been hired by and shot for many celebrities. Some of his clients include: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Drake, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and Lebron James to name a few.

Nunez also models in campaigns for LRG, Phat Farm and Rockport. Johnny is also featured as a character in EA's Def Jam: Icon. In the game Ludacris orders for the player to dispose of Nunez, and you must fight him.

Johnny is often referred to as being tenacious and very dedicated. One of Nunez's main ethics in the world of photography is not to take any unflattering shots of celebrities. This seems to have garnered him the respect and affection of Hollywood's elite. Johnny had a two-page article written about him in The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune by Lola Ogunnaike.

The feature documentary 'Shooting Star (s) - The Rise of Hip Hop Photographer Johnny Nunez', by filmmakers Axel Ebermann and Daniel Frei, was awarded 'Best Documentary' at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

Personal life[edit]

Johnny was born to a Venezuelan and Trinidadian. He was adopted by a Puerto Rican family as an infant.

He enjoyed a happy childhood alongside his cousins Lulo and Nini, and his nephews Tony, Sy and Cindy. Johnny attended Brentwood High School and Suffolk Community College in Brentwood, Long island.


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