Johnny Ola

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John Ola
Johnny Ola
Dominic Chianese portraying Johnny Ola
First appearance The Godfather Part II
Last appearance The Godfather Returns
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Dominic Chianese
Nickname(s) Johnny
Gender Male
Occupation Mobster, Hyman Roth's bodyguard
Family Roth Syndicate
probably one of Five Families

Johnny Ola is a fictional character appearing in Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather Part II and in the novel The Godfather Returns. Ola was portrayed by actor Dominic Chianese.[1]

Johnny Ola is a mobster and right-hand man to Jewish mobster Hyman Roth.[2] He is an enforcer and "made man" of one of Five Families of New York City.

Ola is Sicilian but speaks American English with a New York accent. Ola is part of Roth's plan to assassinate Michael Corleone at his home at Lake Tahoe, with unwitting help from Michael's brother Fredo. When Michael asks if Fredo and Johnny had ever met, they deny knowing each other. Later, however, Fredo carelessly reveals that he and Ola had visited a sex club together in Havana. It is at this moment that Michael realizes that Fredo has had contacts with the family's enemies and has thus betrayed him. Michael sends his bodyguard Bussetta to kill Ola and Roth. Bussetta strangles Ola, but Roth gets away.


Johnny Ola was based on real life mobster Vincent Alo, who was Meyer Lansky's right-hand man.