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Johnny Reb is a miniatures wargame first published by Adventure Games in 1983.


Johnny Reb is a miniatures wargame rules set for regimental level American Civil War miniature gaming.

Publication history[edit]

Johnny Reb was first published by Adventure Games in 1983. The game was designed by John Hill. Game Designers' Workshop published a second edition in 1988. Hill founded and owned the Johnny Reb Game Company, which published the third version, Johnny Reb III rules in 1996.

A loyal fan community of the game, The Johnny Reb Gaming Society published CHARGE! quarterly magazine, wholly devoted to the game, from 2003 to 2013.


Dana Lombardy comments: "John Hill's Civil War miniatures rules remain innovative, challenging, and lots of fun, a claim supported by the game's loyal fan support. Clubs still stage Johnny Reb sessions at conventions around the world, more than 20 years after the rules were introduced."[1]

Johnny Reb was awarded the H.G. Wells Award for "Best Miniatures Rules of 1983".[2]



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