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Johnny Reinhard (1956- ) is a microtonal composer, bassoonist, author and conductor.


Reinhard, the son of Mortimer Reinhard and Francine Zakos, grew up in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. He attended John Dewey High School, and earned a Bachelors of Music degree at the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He earned a Masters of Music degree at the Manhattan School of Music and was offered a fellowship in ethnomusicology at Columbia University. Reinhard later taught at New York University.

Reinhard employs many avant-garde techniques in his bassoon performance such as glissando and multiphonics, as well as uses just intonation and other microtonal tuning systems. Notable compositions by Reinhard include "Dune" (1990), "Cosmic rays" (1995), "Middle-Earth" (1999), "Talibanned Buddhas" (2000), and "Semantics of tone" (2007).[1] He reconstructed and performed Charles Ives' Universe symphony in 1996.[2][3]

On the album Odysseus he collaborated with pioneering microtonal guitarist Jon Catler (guitarist).

He is a member of Trio on the Cuff, as of 2005 the world's only bassoon (Reinhard), didgeridoo (Ulrich Krieger), and miscellaneous percussion (Yoshiaki Ochi) trio.


  • Johnny Reinhard et. al. : Raven, 1999.
  • Live at the DOM / Alternativa Festival, 2000.
  • Johnny Reinhard : Odysseus, Pitch Records P-2002-1, 2004.
  • Johnny Reinhard : Bassoonist, 2010.
  • Johnny Reinhard : The Universe Symphony, 2011.
  • Johnny Reinhard and Michael Hafftka : True, 2013.
  • Johnny Reinhard and Philip Corner : Ear Gardens, 2016.


  • Bach and Tuning, Peter Lang, (2016)
  • 8th Octave Overtone Tuning and Bassoon Fingerings in 128 (2016)


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