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Johnny Zito
Nationality American
Awards Philadelphia Geek Award

Johnny Zito (born John-Paul Zito 1982) is a writer, film maker and artist best known for horror comedy Alpha Girls.

Early life[edit]

Johnny Zito is a native of Philadelphia PA and graduated from Saint Joseph's Preparatory School in 2000. Afterwards, he attended Temple University obtaining degrees in Film, New Media and Theology.


Johnny's early career began in print with political cartoons. Most notably for Review Publishing.[1]

In 2008, along with co-writer Tony Trov, he won the March Zuda Comics competition with The Black Cherry Bombshells. The duo's sophomore effort, LaMorte Sisters, was also purchased by Zuda Comics in 2009. Both comics were nominated for Harvey Awards in the Best Online Comic Category; 2009 and 2011 respectively.[2]

When Zuda Comics dissolved in 2010 Black Cherry Bombshells and La Morté Sisters were migrated to the DC Online imprint along with several other popular titles.[3]

In 2009 Zito and Trov teamed with Comixology to digitally distribute a mini-series based on their self-published comic Carnivale De Robotique. Zito and Trov's webcomic based on the public domain character Moon Girl was digitally distributed through Comixology before being printed by Red 5 Comics in Spring of 2011.

In 2010 they began digitally distributing a space-horror webcomic, D.O.G.S. of Mars, through Comixology. The comic has also been optioned as a film by High Treason Pictures.

Their production company, South Fellini, released their first feature film, Alpha Girls in 2013 through Gravitas Ventures. In 2015, production began on a second feature film, American Exorcist. Johnny has also designed tee shirts for Shirt.Woot, CBS and Philadelphia's CheeseSteak Tees.[4]


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