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Johnson Electric Holdings Limited
Industry Automotive, Industrial
Key people
Dr. Patrick Shui-Chung Wang
(Chairman and CEO)
Number of employees
Divisions Automotive Products Group, Industry Products Group, Components & Services

Johnson Electric (德昌電機控股有限公司) (SEHK0179) is a leading provider of motion subsystems and motion components for automotive, industrial and medical applications. Johnson Electric has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries on four continents with a combined annual production capacity of over one billion motors and motion subsystems. Johnson Electric serves 2500 customers, including many of the world’s leading branded goods companies, automotive suppliers and auto OEM's.[1]

Geographically, the Company’s total sales are essentially equally balanced between Asia, Europe and the Americas. For the 12 months ending 31 March 2017, net income was US$ 238 million on revenues of US$ 2.8 billion.[2]

The Company's motion systems, motors and switches businesses are managed through two operating divisions: Automotive Products Group & Industry Products Group. Supporting the two divisions is the Group's Component & Services (C&S) function which produces plastic and metal parts, tooling and production equipment for motor and motion related products. Johnson Electric is vertically integrated and manufactures a wide range of components that form the basis for its final assembled end products.

Johnson Electric has its head office in Shatin, Hong Kong, and is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Johnson Electric has 39,000 employees and subcontract workers in more than 20 countries, with the majority of the workforce engaged in production activities in China. Engineering centers are located in Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Automotive Products Group[edit]

The Automotive Products Group ("APG") provides powder metal components, custom motors, actuators, switches and motion sub-system solutions for all critical automotive motion related functions. Key customers include Valeo, Mahle, Magna, Ford, Volkswagen and General Motors.[3]

The APG product line comprises the following brands and products:

  • Saia-Burgess for custom actuators and switches;
  • GATE for engine cooling fan modules;
  • Johnson Motor for DC motors (Standard DC, Compact DC, and brushless DC product lines);
  • Stackpole for powder metal components and pumps;
  • AML for active modules for vehicle headlamp systems.

The Automotive Products Group is focused to support the major automotive segments of powertrain, body and chassis. Motion solutions are available in the following areas:

  • Exterior Segment which includes motion solutions for headlamp adjusters, mirror adjusters, washer pumps, headlamp washers, front and rear window wipers
  • Door and Closure Segment which includes Motion solutions for cinching latches, door locks, door closure assistant, windowlift systems, convertible top systems, sunroof control
  • Interior Segment includes Motion solutions for seat adjusters, pedal adjusters, lumbar support adjusters, headrest adjusters
  • Tire and Braking Segment includes Motion solutions for anti-lock brake systems, electric parking brake, 4WD transfer case and air pump
  • Powertrain Engine Management Segment includes Motion solutions for electronic throttle control, traction control, suction-pipe actuators
  • Heating and Cooling Segment includes cooling fan modules, climate control, electronic speed controllers, HVAC blowers
  • Steering, Suspension and Safety Segments include Motion solutions for steering wheel locks, suspension levelling, vehicle stability control systems

Industry Products Group[edit]

The Industry Products Group ("IPG") provides motion products and customized solutions for various commercial and industrial applications, including smart metering, circuit breakers, home appliances, power tools, business equipment, personal care products, building automation, security and other industrial products. Key customers include Dyson, Electrolux, Johnson & Johnson, Husqvarna and Landis+Gyr. [4]

The IPG product line comprises the following brands and products:

  • Johnson Motor for DC motors (Standard DC, Compact DC, and brushless DC product lines), and AC motors;
  • Saia Motor for stepper motors and synchronous motors;
  • Nanomotion for piezo motion systems;
  • Parlex for flexible circuits and microelectronics;
  • Ledex for solenoids;
  • Saia, Burgess, Ledex for switches and relays;
  • Johnson Medtech for medication delivery and surgical devices, medical grade pumps and custom actuators.

The Industry Products Group serves the following major segments:

  • White goods such as dishwasher, dryer, freezer, refrigerator, washing machine
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning such as fans, range hoods, heater, air purifier, air humidifier, boilers, water heaters
  • Floor care such as vacuum cleaner, power brush, floor polisher, steam cleaners, stick vac, hand vacuum
  • Home appliances such as blender, coffee machine, deep fryer, food processor, juicer, mixer, sewing machine, electric knife, slicer, mini chopper, stick blender, hand mixer, stand mixer
  • Power and garden tools such as robotic mower, drills, screwdrivers, leaf blower, rotary tool, belt sander, hedge trimmer, circular saw, reciprocal saw, angle drill, string trimmer, impact driver
  • Small engine electric starters for lawn and garden, outboard marine, ATV, jet ski, golf cart, snowmobile
  • Personal care such as toothbrush, hair dryer, hair trimmer, massager, hair clipper, foot bath, spa
  • Business machines such as ATMs, Point of Sale, vending machines, printers, currency handling
  • Building automation such as electric meters, gas meters, circuit breakers, door locks, window closures
  • Healthcare and medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, dental jets, lab equipment, electric beds and other mobility aids
  • Industrial equipment such as semiconductor automation, document sorting and material handling.

Company History[edit]

  • 1959: Founded by the late Mr. Wang Seng Liang and Mrs. Wang Koo Yik Chun
  • 1970: Sales of Johnson Electric at $1.7 Million
  • 1972: Dr. Patrick Wang established AC Motor Business
  • 1976: Established Johnson Electric in USA
  • 1976: Began production of micro-motors for the automotive industry
  • 1980: Sales of Johnson Electric at $16 Million
  • 1982: Established plant in Shajing, Shenzhen, China
  • 1984: Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • 1988: Established Johnson Electric branch office in Japan
  • 1990: Sales of Johnson Electric at $126 Million
  • 1992: Opened Engineering center in Germany
  • 1995: ISO 9002 accreditation for China production
  • 1998: QS-9000 certified for operations in China, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States
  • 1999: Acquisition of Electric Motor Systems from Lear Corporation including Gate SpA in Italy
  • 2000: Sales of Johnson Electric at $677 Million
  • 2000: Johnson Electric Chairman Patrick Wang named the DHL International (HK)/South China Morning Post Businessman of the Year[5]
  • 2001: Established Automotive and Industry Groups structure
  • 2001: Acquired motors business of Kautex Textron division
  • 2001: Acquired seat motor business of ArvinMeritor's Light Vehicle Systems division
  • 2004: Acquired 51% stake in Nanomotion Ltd. for high precision piezo ceramic motors
  • 2004: Acquired Nihon Mini Motor for camera and optical disc drive products[6]
  • 2005: Acquired Saia-Burgess AG, a Swiss manufacturer of stepper motors, switches, actuators, and control systems
  • 2005: Acquired Parlex, a USA manufacturer of flexible printed circuits and connector solutions[7]
  • 2007: Established the Johnson Medtech division in Hong Kong
  • 2010: Sales of Johnson Electric at $ 1.74 Billion
  • 2010: Opened automotive motor production plants in Chennai, India
  • 2010: Opened motor production plant in Beihai, Guangxi, China
  • 2012: Opened manufacturing plant in Zacatecas, Mexico
  • 2012: Divested Saia Burgess Controls Division[8]
  • 2013: Opened manufacturing plant in Serbia
  • 2015: Acquired Stackpole, a manufacturer of engine and transmission pumps and powder metal components[9]

Recent Events[edit]

  • 2016: Acquired AML Systems, a leading supplier of active modules for vehicle headlamp systems[10]
  • 2016: Named among the best companies to work for in Asia by HR Asia Magazine[11]
  • 2016: Opened new production plant in Bedzin, Poland
  • 2017: Agreed to increase its equity interest in Halla Stackpole Corp. from 30% to 80% for approx. US$84 million [12]
  • 2017: Opened new production plant in Arujá, Brazil
  • 2017: Announced record net profit of US$238 million for the year ended 31 March 2017, up 38% from the prior financial year [13]


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