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Johnson Motors Inc. was a motorcycle company founded in 1938 in Pasadena, California by Bill Johnson and Wilbur Cedar.

Although the company was the number one dealer of Triumph Motorcycles in California, an active supporter of California Motor Racing during the early to mid twentieth century, and collaborated with such stars as Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen, it has only become well known in recent years due to its vintage clothing.The new ownership,re;"Johnson Motors" title, is no longer related to the motorcycle industry in any capacity whatsoever,using the name only for branding a clothing line.

The company is mostly known for its vintage style signature T-shirts. Knitted, cut, sewn, dyed, printed and laundered in the USA, Johnson Motors T-shirts usually have large print on the front and back as well as a small black lozenge-shaped Johnson Motors logo on the left sleeve. The company launched its clothing line in the early 2000s and now Johnson Motors T-shirts, or JoMo T-shirts, are sold across the United States. JoMos website also ship internationally across the world.



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